Saturday, August 9, 2008

Response to the Comments

It was heartening to see so many responses to my maiden post. Equally exhilarating was the warm welcome accorded by fellow bloggers. My individual thanks to each one of you! Now I know it's going to be a very eventful and enriching journey ... this journey of conversations!

Rajesh, you are right in commenting that the force of religion is such that it blinds even the rational. But, as sensible and sensitive citizens of this country, we can, in our own miniscule and small way, spread the rationale of the hollowness and emptiness of religious one-upmanship. As I said in my earlier post, the idea is not to seek definitive answers or permanent solutions, the idea is to start honest, and agenda free conversations. I know it is easier said than done, for we all have our biases, religious or otherwise and individual preferences, but then that's the challenge and beauty of a forum like this. Isn't it?

Mihir, Hamida's story may be very ordinary, but it is a powerful indicator of the fact that the peace and religious tolerance were not an impossible entity in a state, which ironically today lacks both, thankfully in part to the agenda laden politics of regional and national politicians and in a large measure to the evil machinations of our friendly neighbor across the border. As a native of Jammu, I am aware of and am deeply sensitive to the Jammu psyche. That sentiment of being the overlooked and ignored lot against the ever and much appeased counterparts in Kashmir is known to me. There is no harm in voicing that, but tell me Mihir, what do we intend gaining by playing on the regional divide and religious sentiments? What difference would then remain between the separatists and the non separatists? Wouldn't this further strengthen the hands of the separatist forces who moot religious disparity as the core of the entire Kashmir movement?

And Rajiv and Sagar, I too wish our politicians were not so shameless and opportunistic. But what is the escape? After all, aren't we the ones who bring them to power from amongst ourselves only?

Lastly, Amit, thanks for appreciating the expression. That's what rain does to some people!


Gopal Chakraborty said...

Congratulations... You made us proud!!!! Gopal Da

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